Yau Mo Gaw Choh Ah Magnet


Description & Details

Perfect for: expressing disbelief, a verbal eyeroll, feeling incredulous

Yau mo gaw choh ah (有冇搞錯呀) - literally means did you get it mixed up but is often said to mean are you for real or you have to be kidding me


  • Sized 3" x 1.62"
I'll Know It When I See It

I'll Know It When I See It

Based in Vancouver, BC, I’ll Know It When I See It is a two-woman business, creating sometimes nostalgic, often funny and occasionally Asian-inspired stationery. Cassie and Christine aren't sisters but have been friends for 18 years, meeting in design school. Their work has always been from the heart, creating what feels most authentic to them in the moment. It's been joyful to reawaken to their Chinese heritage of late, allowing for more of their identity + experiences to come through their designs. The founders both have long standing ties to Vancouver's Chinatown - Christine's great grandparents called Chinatown their home when they immigrated to Canada in 1913 and Cassie's grandmother still lives in Chinatown to this day.


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