Who We Are and What We Do

At Foo Hung Curios, we value products that are rooted in personal stories and serve a purpose in any home. A purveyor of home goods, stationery, art and jewelry, we carefully curate our offerings to present a facet of Asian-Canadian and Asian heritage and traditions that is both familiar and new--comforting and inventive. 

We seek to offer new brands that are inspired by Chinese culture and bring a contemporary take on East meets West. We are committed to supporting local Asian-Canadian artists and designers by showcasing their creations and telling their stories.

All proceeds from the Foo Hung Curios gift shop directly funds the programs of the Chinatown Storytelling Centre.


A Story That Dates Back 100 Years

The original Foo Hung Company (輔行雜貨公司) was established in 1921 in Chinatown by Ron Bick Lee. "Foo Hung" in Chinese refers to 相輔而行, or "walking side by side together". Foo Hung became one of the leading importers of Asian goods in Canada, while exporting Canadian products such as flour, pasta, and paper products. A Foo Hung branch was opened in Hong Kong which doubled as a money transfer institution.

Curio shops—typically offering trinkets and antiques—often serve as preservers of culture within any community. Foo Hung Curios builds atop of its forebearer’s legacy that Chinese and other Asian cultures have already established a home and continues to grow, evolve, and inspire here in Canada.

About the Chinatown Storytelling Centre and the Vancouver Chinatown Foundation

Foo Hung Curios is located within the Chinatown Storytelling Centre, a project of the Vancouver Chinatown Foundation. The Vancouver Chinatown Foundation’s other projects include Light Up Chinatown!, May Wah Hotel, 58 West Hastings, Chinatown Vintage, and the Economic Recovery Program.

The Chinatown Storytelling Centre is a community space dedicated to the preservation and sharing of stories of the Chinese Canadian community as experienced and witnessed through its historic epicentre, Vancouver’s Chinatown. Foo Hung Curios is proud to be a part of this vision and to support and showcase Chinese Canadian artists and entrepreneurs.


Store Information


168 East Pender Street
Vancouver, BC V6A 1T3


Thursday - Monday: 10am-5pm
Tuesday & Wednesday: Closed