Sik Fan Lah Vinyl Sticker


Description & Details

Perfect for: those ready to eat, folks all about the rice life, celebrating the joys of sharing a meal

Sik fan lah (食飯啦) - eat now, time to eat. Sik fan literally means "eat rice" but is often said to call people to the table to eat or used at the beginning of a meal similar to how we say, "cheers" before taking a drink.


  • Sized 3" x 2.68" 
  • Semi-matte, exterior grade, UV + scratch resistant
  • Waterproof, dishwasher + microwave safe
I'll Know It When I See It

I'll Know It When I See It

I’ll Know It When I See It is a two-woman show creating sweet + slightly snarky paper goods™ from Vancouver, BC. Their collection of Asian Themed stationery captures nostalgic goodies to favourite phrases, paying homage to all things that are inspired by founders Christine Chee and Cassie Leung’s Chinese Canadian experience.  Supporting local + Canadian businesses are part of their core values and they pride themselves on being Made in Canada. Their goods are produced either here in Vancouver or with manufacturers in Ontario and they purchase all their supplies from Canadian companies.

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