Plaza Theatre Greeting Card


Description & Details

Movie House Moderne. The original 1936 Plaza signage is from the era when many small, white incandescent light-bulbs form the words, pre-empting neon's provocative arrival in 1929. The sweeping, sixty-foot, dish-shaped, overhanging canopy that looms bright over the sidewalk, displaying billings, is installed in the 1960s.


  • 5" x 7" card
  • blank inside
  • Wrapped in acid-free plastic slipcovers
Laughing Hand

Laughing Hand

Keith McKellar, born in New Westminster in 1947, migrated to the bush town of Prince George with his family in 1952. The boom and bust fifties and sixties of Prince George gave him a keen eye and open heart for the characters of the logging towns, construction camps and the bush-shack families. He worked at sixty-five different jobs in several fields, before becoming the professional artist Laughing Hand. He composes live, on location, portrait caricature of Vancouver's vintage Cafes and Theatres. 

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