Gold Mountain Tea


Description & Details

This unique blend of Jasmine Earl Grey celebrates what it means to be Chinese Canadian. A melding of floral notes from different parts of the globe, our blend reflects the harmonious complexity of existing within two cultures.

The artwork features “Lucky Peach” by the Vancouver-based second generation Chinese Canadian artist Janice Wu, whose work addresses cultural belonging, family history, and the diasporic experience.
    Chinatown Storytelling Centre x TEALEAVES

    Chinatown Storytelling Centre x TEALEAVES

    The Chinatown Storytelling Centre X TEALEAVES collaboration honours the immigrant journey and celebrates the Chinese Canadian experience. The prevalence of Chinese teas in Canadian society today is a testament to the dedication of the Chinese immigrants who brought their traditions across an ocean for future generations to enjoy. 

    Our "Gold Mountain Tea" is blended by TEALEAVES, a local tea company founded in Vancouver, who has now become the globally renowned tea blender for five-star hotels and Michelin-star restaurants.

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