Fu Lu Shou Gift Wrap


Description & Details

Fu Lu Shou are Chinese symbols representing Luck, Happiness, Prosperity, Health and Longevity. The red side of the Fu symbol is also presented upside (福到了) to signify that luck/blessings has arrived.  This paper is perfect for weddings, newborn baby and birthdays and particularly fitting to celebrate Chinese New Year. 

  • Measuring 600mm x 870mm (23.6 x 34.2 inches)
  • Printed on 100% recycled paper and soy-based ink
Paper Tiger Shanghai

Paper Tiger Shanghai

Paper Tiger Shanghai creates gift paper with designs to reflect the richness of Chinese traditional art Shanghai’s art deco period and Beijing’s hutong past. The deliberate mix of traditional and contemporary is coupled with the goal of making gift wrapping fun and expressive for the giver, and something special for the receiver. 

Born and raised in New York, Lucy has lived and worked in Asia since 1993, hopscotching among vibrant cities like Hong Kong, Singapore, Beijing and now lives in Shanghai with her husband and two children. She founded Paper Tiger Shanghai in 2006 and distributes her collections of gift wrapping paper online and at select shops in Shanghai and Beijing.

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