David Tung Can't Have A Girlfriend Until He Gets Into An Ivy League College

Ed Lin

Description & Details

In David Tung Can’t Have a Girlfriend Until He Gets Into an Ivy League College, novelist Ed Lin conjures up “a fast-paced, acid-tongued, hilarious teen drama for our age,” says Marie Myung-Ok Lee, acclaimed author of Somebody’s Daughter and Finding My Voice. Both playful and wryly observant, Ed Lin's YA-debut explores coming-of-age in the Asian diaspora while navigating relationships through race, class, and young love. David Tung, our nerd-hero, is a Chinese American high-school student who works in his family’s restaurant, competes for top grades at his regular high school located in an upscale, Asian-majority New Jersey suburb, and attends weekend Chinese school in NYC’s working-class Chinatown. While David faces parental pressures to get As and conform to cultural norms and expectations, he’s caught up in the complicated world of high school love triangles—and amid these external pressures is the fear he will die alone, whether he gets into Harvard or not!

About the Author:

Ed is native New Yorker of Taiwanese and Chinese descent and the first author to have won three Asian American Literary Awards. His books include a mystery trilogy set in New York’s Chinatown in the ‘70s and a Taipei murder mystery set of novels. This is his first YA novel. He lives in New York with his wife actress Cindy Cheung, and son.


  • Author: Ed Lin
  • Pages: 150 pages