Chinese Celebrations for Children Festivals, Holidays and Traditions

Elaine Russell

Description & Details

Families, feasts and fireworks - Chinese Celebrations for Children showcases the rich cultural traditions of China with stories, activities, recipes and more.

The charming illustrations of Patrick Yee and informative texts of Susan Nunes conjure up the pageantry and symbolism of China's traditional celebrations - from birthdays and anniversaries to harvest festivals and public holidays.

It's a year filled with celebrations on this festive trip to China!
- Meet the Three Lucky Gods!
- Make a fresh start at the Spring Festival!
- Create some bold strokes with calligraphy!
- Celebrate the Lunar New Year!
- Learn about the lion dance and the legend of Nian!
- And many more holidays, stories, recipes, events and activities!

Experience these traditions and more in this fascinating book, which features exciting activities and stories - from money-filled red envelopes given during the Lunar New Year to making mooncakes for the Mid-Autumn Festival! Chinese Celebrations for Children explains why in China there's always a good reason to celebrate!


  • Author: Susan Miho Nunes, Illustrator: Patrick Yee
  • Pages: 48 pages