Canto Sayings Art Print


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Brighten your wall or shelf with our illustrated art prints.

Perfect for: expressing all the feels, practicing Canto slang, snarky linguists

Here's what these words mean:
Yeet hay (熱氣) - referencing a Chinese medicine thing about eating foods that cause heat in the body, leading to pimples, sore throats, canker sores, etc.
Wei? (喂) - not really slang, it's how we say hello on the phone
Ga yau (加油) - go for it, more effort, literally means add gas
Aiya (哎呀) - an interjection that can be used to express everything!
Ho duk yee (好得意) - so cute
Chee seen (黐線) - crazy, literally means stuck/crossed wires
Fai dee lah (快啲啦) - hurry up
Yook shoon (肉酸) - gross, ewww
Ma ma day (麻麻哋) - so so, just OK
So ma fan (麻煩) - so annoying, fussy, what a pain, irritating, a lot of bother
Mo saw wai (無所謂) - whatever, doesn't matter


  • Sized 8" x 10"
  • Packaged in a cellophane sleeve with backer
  • Framing not included
  • Made in Canada
I'll Know It When I See It

I'll Know It When I See It

I’ll Know It When I See It™ is a two-woman show creating sweet + slightly snarky paper goods™ + gifts from Vancouver, BC. Our products are sometimes nostalgic, often funny + occasionally Asian-inspired.

We aren't sisters but have been friends for 18 years, meeting in design school. Our work has always been from the heart, creating what feels most authentic to us in the moment. It's been joyful to reawaken to our Chinese heritage of late, allowing for more of our identity + experiences to come through our designs. 

Supporting local + Canadian businesses is one of our core values + we pride ourselves on being Made in Canada. Our goods are produced either here in Vancouver or with manufacturers across the country. We purchase all our supplies from Canadian companies.

The small business community is strong + we're proud to be part of it.

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