"3:15 PM" Gourmand Candle


Description & Details

Warm and comforting aroma resembling the lingering scent of sweet condensed milk left on your lips after enjoying a thick slice of milk bread, crisped on the edges, peanut butter oozing from the center, crowned by a square pat of butter on top.

3:15pm, time for a tea break!


  • 100 grams
  • Generous burn time of 30 hours
  • All-Natural Coconut, Soy, Beeswax blend
  • Clean burning slated wood wick that crackles like a cozy fireplace
  • Hand-poured in Vancouver by Holy Duck Chili
    Holy Duck Chili

    Holy Duck Chili

    Holy Duck Chili is a product of familial wisdom and love. Founders Chris and Louise relocated from Hong Kong to Vancouver in February 2020. Struggling to find locally and sustainably made Asian condiments and sauces, their search led them to neighbourhood general stores. Inspired by the abundance of small-batch crafted sauces using international recipes, they still saw much room for premium-quality Asian sauces made with local ingredients, with sustainability in mind. They debuted their first chili oil product in the summer of 2021. Their flagship product is based on Louise's grandmother's recipe with the unique addition of duck fat. 

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