Asian Heritage Month

Asian Heritage Month

May 3: Vancouver Chinatown Collection

FHC and IKIWISI are teaming up for the second time for an exclusive collaboration. This collaboration celebrates the rich heritage of one of Canada's oldest Chinatowns. It features some of the things you'll find in Vancouver Chinatown and popular Cantonese phrases. The collection drops on May 3rd at 10 am PT.

May 11: Lucky Red Chili Party

Join us for a 5 course tasting menu featuring Holy Duck Chili! Presented by Foo Hung Curios in collaboration with Holy Duck Chili, DD MAU & Chinatown BBQ. Tickets will be live April 30th on Eventbrite.

May 17: Bao in Chinatown Collection

Introducing the exclusive FHC x Artbedo “Bao in Chinatown” collection! Join Bao as it explores and wanders through scenes of Vancouver’s Chinatown. The collection drops on May 17th at 10 am PT.

May 26: Steep and Scoop Pop Up

Join us for a tea and ice cream tasting with Keb's Ice Cream! We’ll be featuring our very own Gold Mountain Tea with Gold Mountain Tea inspired bites. Don't miss out on this tasty experience with us! Tickets will be live April 30th on Eventbrite.