Chinatown Stories Volume 5: The Bridges Between Us

Chinatown Today

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The latest volume of Chinatown Today's signature publication, released in December, 2023. With the theme "The Bridges Between Us" Chinatown Stories Volume 5 shares our most diverse set of contributions yet. Through poetry, prose, film, photography, and visual arts, the contributors of Chinatown Stories Volume 5 have risen to the challenge of interpreting the bridges in our relationships with Chinatown, each other, and ourselves. 

Alongside a dynamic collection of pieces from our contributors, Volume 5 features interviews with community members and organizations who are stewarding vital bridges in Chinatown within their own work, including Peter Lau, founder and owner of Liang You Book Company Ltd., Elli Taylor from the Vancouver Area Network of Drug Users, and Nola Boasberg and Feven Tesfay from the Vancouver Black Library.

Published in 2023

    Chinatown Today

    Chinatown Today

    Chinatown Today is a Vancouver Chinatown based non-profit that is dedicated to helping share Chinatown’s stories – past, present, and future. Energized and influenced by the diverse Chinatown community, Chinatown Today is emboldened by the fact that many of the stories are carried by the elders and knowledge holders in spaces that are often difficult to access. These knowledge holders often view their stories as undesirable and undervalued, but Chinatown Today sees how valuable these stories are. Their mission is to create spaces where Chinatown elders feel comfortable sharing their stories to uplift these experiences and share these pieces of knowledge with the larger community.

    Since 2017, their signature publication, Chinatown Stories, has served as a platform for sharing stories taking a variety of forms, from interviews and creative non-fiction to recipes, essays, poetry, prose, and photography. 


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