Thai Celebrations for Children: Festivals, Holidays and Traditions

Elaine Russell

Description & Details

It's time to celebrate, Thai style!

Thai Celebrations for Children showcases the rich culture and colorful festivals of the Thai people. The charming illustrations and engaging text bring to life the incredible pageantry and symbolism of Thailand's many traditional celebrations--from family anniversaries to national holidays--in a way kids will enjoy.

Have you ever been to an event honoring elephants? Or seen a flying lantern? Do you know why people throw water on each other at the Sonkran Festival? Kids will discover time-honored traditions and find the answers to fascinating questions within the pages of this book.

Turning the pages of this beautifully illustrated multicultural children's book, you'll understand why in Thailand there's always a good reason to celebrate!


  • Author: Elaine Russell, Illustrator: Patcharee Meesukhon
  • Ages: 5-10
  • Pages: 48 pages