Sojourners in the North


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Hua qiao they called themselves — the Sojourners. Early Chinese settlers to BC lived a shadowy life. Sometimes feared, always misunderstood, these people farmed, mined, and lived in central BC with hopes of returning home rich to their villages. However, they were the victims of crime, beatings and death in a foreign land. Chow brings us forward from those early days of Chinese settlements to present day when Chinese citizens are celebrated for their role in BC's history.

Until Chinatown North, the impact of Chinese settlement on central and northern British Columbia has not been written about. Chow begins to fill that gap. She moves us from Barkerville during gold rush days to 20th century Prince George, where events in the "Middle Kingdom" often had disruptive influences on a small, isolated community half a world away.


  • Author: Lily Chow
  • Pages: 272 pages
Lily Chow

Lily Chow

Lily Chow, a researcher and writer, immigrated to Canada in 1967. She possesses a master’s degree of Education and has taught high school in Prince George and Mandarin at the University of Northern British Columbia for three years. In her twenty-five years of writing, she has won the Jeanne Clarke Memorial Local History Award (1996), received grants from the Canadian Heritage Branch, Federal Government (1993 & 1998), and certificates of merit from the BC Historical Federation in 2014 and 2019. Her volunteer services have been awarded with two Queen Elizabeth II’s Jubilee Medals (2002 & 2012). Currently, she resides in Victoria, BC.

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