Porcelain tote bag


Description & Details

These stunning chinaware featured on this tote bag are sure to inspire any porcelain lover! A practical addition to every handbag, the attached strap will keep it neatly folded until you need it.  


  • Dimensions: 40cm x 38cm in size with long (54cm) double handles making it easy to carry over your shoulder
  • Material: unbleached 100% organic cotton
  • Completed with a length of organic cotton cord so it can be neatly folded for storage
  • Machine washable
Paper Roses Design

Paper Roses Design

Paper Roses Design is a boutique illustration and design house based in Hong Kong. Penny Creedon, the founder, is a Brit who has been living in Hong Kong for the past 13 plus years, specializes in creating beautiful and sometimes quirky greetings cards with many designs inspired by Chinese culture. Her hand-drawn illustrations start with a simple sketch outline before transferring them to watercolour paper and start painting. She then photographs the finished illustrations and uses digital software to place and size the artworks. Once everything’s polished and perfected - it’s time to press “go” on the final production run.

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