Congratulations on Your Wedding Greeting Card


Description & Details

Inspired by the traditional Chinese "tea ceremony" at weddings and the "double happiness" character, this card is perfect for their special day.

囍 is not really a character you will use in verbal communication. It is two 喜 (‘happy’ or ‘joy’) compressed, and is only used as an ornamental design motif associated with Chinese weddings. Chinese culture believes that “happiness comes in twos”, and weddings follow these kinds of auspicious sayings, and the many symbolic acts and rituals evolved from years of ancient culture.

  • cards measure 5x7"
  • blank inside for your own personal message
The Lion Rock Press

The Lion Rock Press

Founder Claire Yates comes from a family of paper merchants. In 2013, she decided to put her own spin on the family business and launched The Lion Rock Press: a go-to for eco-friendly, Hong Kong-themed premium stationery and gifts. Since then, her business has expanded from a tiny stall at a Christmas fair to one of the most coveted stationery brands in Hong Kong. 

Claire's mother’s side of the family is Hong Kong Chinese, while her father’s side hails from Birmingham, England. The designs creatively explore these two cultures through the medium of printed stationery. Their greeting cards fuse HK-style graphics with very Western humour. Her great-grandfather founded their paper business almost 120 years ago and her 90 year-old grandfather and his brothers still work every day in the office.

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