Sun Fresh Bakery Print

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Description & Details

Long-running Chinese bakery in the heart of Chinatown serving delicious and cheap steamed and baked buns and dim sum items.


  • Printed in small batches on high-quality art paper
  • Sizes: 5"x7" or 8"x10"
  • Frame not included


Mikayla Hong is a self-taught artist and Masters of biomedical engineering graduate from UBC. Vancouver is her home and she loves to capture the aspects that make the city unique; from the local businesses to food and culture. Her artwork is mainly created using watercolour paints, but she loves experimenting with different styles and mediums. When her business, artbedo, was created, she knew that she wanted part of her platform to give back to the community and benefit social change. A portion of all her profits benefits the Downtown Eastside Women's Shelter as well as other Vancouver-based charities. 

Vancouver's Chinatown is a very special place to her. Growing up, she would come often to grab something to eat with her grandma, go grocery shopping with family, or attend kung-fu/lion dance classes with Chau Luen Athletics. Over the years, this community has changed a lot and it has become more important than ever to preserve the cultural heritage. These illustrations, in collaboration with Chinatown Storytelling Centre, capture aspects of Chinatown's past and present.

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